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And you thought german Shiza porn was fucked up

Usually, I'm the sort of person who gets sorta pissy when uppity Europeans turn their noses up at what they term, American puritanism. They never seem to get why sex scandals occur, and blame the media dust-ups on prudishness. It's sort of like what I've suggested before when it comes to porn desensitization. After all, it's no wonder you might feel that someone watching normal missionary porn as being sort of boring and vanilla when the sites you frequent feature dickgirls backdooring donkeys. The same must be true of European sex scandals. They don't mind if their politicians are running around diddling hookers because that would be bland by comparison. This is the sort of thing that they end up seeing:

Sex scandal puts future of Formula One official in doubt

LONDON -- The scandal probably would have been a ho-hum tale of sex and bondage of little interest to jaded Europeans were it not for two things. The man holding the whip was one of the most powerful men in motor racing. And when he ordered his "prisoners" to submit, he was speaking in a practiced German that called up disturbing images of a distant past.

The man was Max Mosley, president of the international body that governs Formula One racing -- and the son of Oswald Mosley, the controversial founder in the 1930s of the pro-Nazi British Union of Fascists.

Mosley's five-hour encounter with five women in a bondage orgy has prompted accusations of Nazi role-playing and engulfed the Formula One world in a leadership crisis, prompting the sport's ruling body Wednesday to announce that its governing assembly would meet June 3 to decide whether Mosley can keep his post.

Better yet, it turns out there was video taken of the orgy and clean excerpts have been posted online. Here's one video that gives you an idea:

In case you're curious for more, one of the tabloids in England is leading the charge. You can see all the videos and interviews and everything else on their site. All I know for sure after this is that Elliot Spitzer was overcharged. He ended up forking over $4,000 for a night with his hooker. For only 2,500 pounds, this guy got 5 girls for 5 hours and even had costuming and props to boot. This just teaches you that you have to shop around for the best price.
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