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Agony, that can cut like a knife....

Things have not been happy over the past week or so. Everything on the pain front seems to have deteriorated and I've been popping opiates like a hophead loose in a pharmacy. It's running amok with my stock of drugs and I'm only a few days away from running out of my primary stash. Luckily, I tend to be a squirrel when it comes to drugs, storing away plenty of nuts for a bleak winter. That should tide me over until I can get another prescription filled.

As far as I can figure, I'm taking at least 2-3x more than I would have just a couple months ago. The really obnoxious part about it is that it's not all that helpful at times. I'm left just waiting for the drugs to kick in, never sure if I should just down more or give the current dose more time. It's funny but I'm still under the amount prescribed as far as instructions go. It's all bupkiss anyway. If I did pop 2 ever 6 hours, I'm sure I'd be a happier camper (or vomiting my brains out) but I'd go through 8 pills a day and 240 in a month. If the doctor really wanted me to take that much, why the hell is the quantity on each perscription only 60?. Feh. Either way, I'm going through more than 60 a month at the moment, which means I'm going to have to get someone to either up the quantity or up the dosage.

What I would really like is something that's time released. It would be great to pop a pill and then know I'd be good for the rest of the day instead of constantly having to put out fires when they spring up. Unfortunately, the only time release opiate I know of off the top of my head is hillbilly heroin. After all the bad press about it, I'm sure it must be a bitch to get Oxycontin nowadays. I think I'll go and see if I can finagle a few though and test it out. It has to better than dosing acutely. I'm alwyas behind the curve no matter what as it stands.
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