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Are there no poor houses? No prisons?

It gets harder and harder for me to read fantasy trilogies nowadays. I love the genre in general, but the classic tropes just don't agree with me like they used to. In many fantasy novels, the hero is always some young person who from humble beginnings goes on to defeat some dire evil that threatens their world. Our young protagonist is always one of two archtypes. The first is some ignorant hillbilly bumpkin who has no idea that they might be destined for greatness. They may be the long lost heir to some throne or possess some internal talent for magic or swordcraft or whatever it happens to be that sets them apart from the average person. I have no problem with this sort of main character. My problem is with the other common narrative.

In this case, it's another young person but they're petulant and iconoclasts. They're upset at something and rage at the system in which they're born. This could range from having controlling parents to not wanting to follow traditional gender roles to not liking the current social structure or whatever. I find that I just can't handle the teenage angst and whining anymore.

Even when the thing they're bitching about is a just cause, the sniveling and self-righteous prattle really gets on my nerves. I just can't relate to it anymore, if I ever did. This sort of fantasy writing caters to the disaffected youth and I just find it incredibly tiring nowdays. I wish I could just reach through the pages and slap some sense into the little bastard.

What sparked this is that I finally got around to starting Mercedes Lackey's Obsidian Trilogy. The main character is a spoiled brat named Kellen who's upset that he has to live up to the great reputation of his father and his entire family tree. So, true to teenage nature, he rails against the expectations and complains incessantly about how his life, the city, and the world is too controlled. I keep thinking about the thousands of people who would cut off their arm to trade lives with him and he spends all his time so far griping. Hell, most people would love to live in a city even where everything is clean, safe and orderly yet he finds the whole idea to be stifling.

Now, I will admit I'm only 30-40 pages into the book, but he's pushing all of my buttons right off the bat. I think what it comes down to in the end is that I just loathe teenagers. I didn't have much patience for them when I was one and it's only gotten worse as I've aged. It's too bad we can't just euthanize all the mouthy ones.
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