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Whistle while you work

Well, today was a mixed sort of day for sure. It started out fine enough but I soon ran into a couple of snafu's. On the plus side, I got to snag breakfast this morning, which is always a plus. I was back home and loafing about when Bill S called and asked if I could swing by the Panera for the gameday a bit early. He had decided to buy a car on the spur of the moment after seeing it in stock and wanted to make sure that someone was there to hold down the fort. I had been planning to be late like normal, but since I wasn't doing anything anyway, it wasn't really an imposition.

The first fuckup happened soon after I arrived. I found, that unbeknownst to me, my mom had shuffled around the games I kept in the back of the car the last time she had swapped vehicles with me. For some inconceivable reason, she decided to pile all of them, tight to the gills, right behind and under the driver's seat. This mean that when I went to move the chair back with the electric motor whozit, it crushed a bunch of my games into smithereens. The boxes actually ruptured and rent all over the place. I ended up losing the box to Pow Wow and Cash n' Guns completely. There was also more minor damage to El Grande and Die Macher. On top of that, as I was hoping up and down in an incandescent rage I found out that she had also at some point moved some of my games into the god damn trunk. A trunk that we all know leaks when it rains and had acutally destroyed a previous board game she did the same thing to. Now a couple of games have water damage too.

When I got to the Panera, my first throught upon finding this was to launch into a tirade. Lucky me, I had forgotten to bring my cell phone. I ended up having to borrow George's phone so I could call her and ask what in the frak had she been thinking. Her response? Well, why would you want to move the chair back in the first place? WTF?! Why would I want to move the chair back? WTF?!? It's not like she dosen't know about my issues or anything. She also claimed that it was me who must've put the games in the trunk at some point which is simply insane. I more or less hung up at that point and went back into the Panera to silently fume to myself.

The game day itself started out fine but had one incredibly pissy part to it. I had been listening to the radio on the way over and Avril Lavigne's song girlfriend had been playing. Catchy songs get into my head really easily and while waiting for someone else to return to the room so we could start a new game, I started to whistle the tune. People at the other tables began complaining about it, citing it as 'annoying'. My first thought was that they should fuck off. It's not like I was whistling really loudly or anything and certainly it wasn't any louder then their assorted game chatter. I really don't get what the fuck is with people who think they can just order others around. I blew my top at that point. I eventually recovered my composure but just thinking about it still irks me.

Other than that, the game lineup consisted of Bonanza, Race for the Galaxy (which I still don't really get), and an epic 5 hour plus attempt at Through the Ages. The game isn't bad at all but the production value is god awful. I don't think they could have made the game any cheaper than they did. It didn't help that there were dozens of little itty, bitty wooden pieces, all of which have a tendency to roll and aren't exactly fun to manipulate with sausage fingers. I spent most of the game dead last by orders of magnitude. I think I had something like 15 victory points when other people were rounding 100. I had a late game strategy, that probably ended up just being a little too late. I ended up closing the gap but even if we had finished the game it would have been a foregone conclusion.

Anyway, I got home a few hours ago and only just got sorted out. Being out and sitting for long periods is never good for me. I'm a bloody mess by the end of it. Not to mention I usually have to then wait around for the inflammation to die down before getting the rest. I probably end up losing a half dozen tablespoons of blood after every single one of these events. No wonder I don't go out much.
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