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Adventures in Bureacracy

So, today was the deadline for when I had to call in and sign for up an HMO. I had been sent a huge packet of crap a couple months ago and since I didn't want to bother with it, I foisted it off on my sister the pharmacist. She's ended up being the go-to person to deal with all of the health care related crap in our family nowadays. It's not like I couldn't have simply read the forms and booklets on my own, mind you. It's just that they were thick, likely to be extremely boring, and I didn't wanna. So I let her make the choice for me and after she picked one, I called earlier today to inform the government of my decision. And there's where the odd part kicks in.

When I told the woman on the phone all my id numbers and information, she informed me that based on my circumstances I wasn't required to pick an HMO at all. That I could just ride along on the general medicaid system which is much better. That sounded spiffy to me so I said I would much rather go with that. I was then informed that if I didn't pick an HMO though, they would pick one for me. Eh, come again?

It seems that despite the fact that I'm allowed to not have a HMO, I must first, however, pick a HMO and then tell them after I'm enrolled that I don't want a HMO. Seems a bit roundabout to me, not to mention that according to the woman on the phone it takes 30-40 days to add and then 30-40 more days to remove you from a HMO. So basically 60-80 days to resolve a pointless pain in the ass that only serves to annoy me. I can only assume that signing up for a HMO gives the government a kickback or somehow benefits them financially because I can't figure out why these obnoxious hurdles would be there.

In the end, it doesn't mater anyway. I haven't seen a doctor in over 9 months a this point and I don't feel any need to do so. There's never any good news and I hate doctors in general. About all I do require are some incredibly cheap prescription medications. You'd think my goal in life was to save the system money.
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