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Greatness can only be seen when you can view something in its entirety

A few days ago, I finished watching all of Babylon 5. All the seasons from 1-5 and all the made for tv movies. It's really hard not to be really impressed by the writing and scope of the series. So many parts of it tie together unlike most of the episodic tv we used to see. I know that now, grand storylines are back in vogue but you still can't help but get the impression that most of the writers are flying by the seats of their pants. They don't know exactly how the story will end up at any moment in time. That makes Babylon 5 even more impressive because so much of it was plotted out so far in advance. In the very first season, there are so many flashes to the future and portents that locked the show into place. Those scenes had to take place and exactly as they were portrayed and all the details had to match perfectly.

The most common gripe I hear about B5 is that they should have just stuck with 4 seasons, and there I can agree. It was clear that things were scripted up to that point but afterwards, it was all just on the fly it seemed. The producers were never sure if they were going to get renewed or not for another season and they didn't want to leave the storyline hanging so everything was crammed into season 4. If they had the information ahead of time, the shadow war would have resolved itself in 4 and the war to free earth and its colonies in 5. It's sort of sad really. I would have liked a much more in depth look and development that another season would have allowed for the war for earth. It always seemed too rushed and compact for the massive details that were involved.

Anyway, like with my venture through Highlander previous, all of this would not be possible without the laptop. It's actually given me the ability watch all of these series that I had downloaded ages ago but never got around to seeing. As I type this, I've located the disc for Firefly and am finally going to watch it. I've been hesitant all these years because of the obnoxiously shrill fanboys/girls telling me that I just had to watch it because it's the greatest show on earth. Nothing gets more ornery as much as someone telling me I have to do something or have to like something. Still, it is past time I gave it a shot. I think after I finish with firefly I'm going to watch all of 24. I've never seen so much as a single episode before but I'm looking forward to it. Afer that? Who knows...maybe all of Farscape.
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