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My God. I'm just started watching Serenity and their Chinese is awful. It's incomprehensible. I can't figure out what they're trying to say even based on context. I don't understand this. How hard would it have been to have a Mandarin speaker on the set to coach the actors? Hell, even morons can at least repeat the correct phrases after a few repetitions. I finally had to go search out a website that listed the translations and phonetic spellings in order to figure out what they were attempting to say.

It's a nice idea to intermix another language into the dialogue but it was almost insulting how little care they took with it. What's the point when there's almost no way for anyone to understand what you're saying without a glance at the script?

As for the rest, I'm only a few episodes in so far and it's okay overall. I'm not a huge fan at this point but it's not terrible either. The pacing is slow as hell, even during what are supposed to be action packed scenes. That and the storylines are a lot more serious overall than what I was expecting. There just seems to be something along the lines of a wet-blanket phenomenom over the whole production.
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