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Not just for Deaniacs and Deanie Babies

So I finally jumped in and did it. I've been following a few groups for a while now but while I've left a few board messages and the like, I've never actually gone to one of the meetup events until tonight. I had joined the boardgame group recently after my inability to find people to play games with and I went to 3rd coast, a small resturant/cafe thingie tonight to meet with them. I ended up arriving there a bit late and there was a large group already playing various thing. I brought munchkins and settlers of catan with me and there was already a group playing the travel version of catan. Another group of people were playing guillotine which brought back memories. I had purchased the game at gencon and brought it with me to Minnesota that one time when I visited justonephase and others. Before I got to play even a single game, I lost it and a whole box of electronics crap when I left it at the hotel upon leaving. It sucked big time. By the time I realized it was gone back in chicago and called the hotel, it had already vanished.

So I played cranium for a short period and then moved on to munchkin, teaching 6 other people how to play. As a bonus, two of the people there are from hyde park and actually hold a weekly game night on fridays. We all got along pretty well and I think this might be a good start to that gaming group I want to start/form. I still need to track down someone who plays d&d miniatures though. I should start receiving shipments of them within a week and I'm looking forward to it. I'm still holding out hope I can convince john and the others to take it up....maybe I can hook them once the minis arive.

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