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And the verdict is....

So I've finished watching all the eps of Firefly and my feelings are a bit mixed. It's not a bad show by any means but it's not exactly a great one either. Like I mentioned previously, the pacing is just laboriously slow in most of the episodes. I think that might be intentional just to play up the whole Western-like aspect of the show. You know, the whole laconic, dusty, big horizon, sort of feeling where the day lasts forever. Where men are men and livestock sleep uneasy.

The really dissipointing part of the whole thing is the very last episode was likely the best of the lot and gave you a glimpse of where the series was headed. Finally, River was going to be more than a crazed mental patient and a larger plot could unfurl. Of course, now it never will with the show's cancelation.

I guess I should mention that Jewel Staite is pretty adorable in her role as Kaylee and I can understand where her howling fan base comes from now. I was pretty iffy about her when she joined the cast of Stargate Atlantis, but now I can see what the producers were thinking. It may just be that there will be enough of a carry over effect to help boost ratings a bit. The other casting of the crew was more mixed for me. I really didn't like the guy playing Mal much at all. Even less when I figured out he had played the role of Caleb during the last season of Buffy. I fucking hated that storyline. He started to grow on me by the end but it was a gradual sort of thing. I did think that the casting of Jayne was dead one. I can't imagine them doing better than they did there.

Hmm, what else. Oh, Christina Hendricks as Saffron was smoking. Holy cow. She even had me reconsidering the idea that redheads are the spawn of Satan second only to cats and that women weren't such a horrible idea after all. I didn't see that twist coming at all and she pulled off the whole manipulative two-faced thing like a pro. She was still so utterly believable and sexy as Saffron before that. Just goes to show you can't trust women.

So all that's left to see now is the movie. I had wondered for a bit whether I should watch the tv episodes first or the movie first. I absolutely hate recap exposition and I had no clue how much of the movie was going to just go over what watchers of the show already knew. Still, it makes sense to watch the whole thing in the order it was made.

Final Verdict:

While I'm not absolutely appalled that the show was canceled like I was with Wonderfalls, Firefly isn't horrible by any stretch. It would have been interesting to see where it would have gone but the slow pacing and character introduction/discovery probably put a nail in it. I certainly wouldn't have latched on to it as a weekly tv show after watching any of the first dozen eps. There just wasn't enough to hook you and, again, the pacing was like watching paint dry. I'm not sure that it would have lasted as long as it did without Whedon's name stamped on it. All of the insane fanboys and fangirls would have watched any show by him no matter how wretched.
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