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So what happened at work the other day?

Holy shit. Jack Bauer is one bad ass mutha- (shut yer mouth!). But I'm talking about Jack!

I'm just halfway through the second episode of the first season and he's already redlining. I guess they wanted to jump start the story and build a lot of tension right from the beginning but holy cow. Shooting the other agent with the dart gun seemed a bit extreme right off the bat. I mean, what happened to maybe calling his boss first and filing a complaint or something. This is not the kind of guy whose sandwich you want to accidently eat. He'd have you in a throat lock before you could gurgle out you're sorry.

All of that is kid stuff though. I can't believe he hacked of the corpse's fingers. I mean, it's a fucking office in there. There are pieces of paper everywhere with ink and blood and all sorts of things like that. He could have just smeared the guy's hand in some blood and taken some prints with him. That's what I thought he was trying to do but this crazy sob hacks off a handful of fingers to take with him. I'm shocked he didn't just saw off the head too for later identification purposes.

You do not want to fuck with Jack Bauer. That much seems clear right from the start. He's got issues.


Well, I'm up to the middle of episode 13 right now and things are still going pretty good. The female members of his family are really pissing me off though. Why are they so helplessly stupid? Seriously, WTF? Jack should file for divorce after this on the grounds that his wife and daughter are congenital morons. Why the hell would you run into the shack? Any structure is going to be the first place that any searcher looks. You should have just continued past it, using it as a visual screen and a time waster for those following. Not to mention the inability to use a GPS is sort of annoying. Hell, I've wanted to slap the crap out of the daughter for lotsa episodes now. I wish she'd wise up and stop whining already.
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