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How to get a head

You know, when I pondered why Jack Bauer didn't just hack off the guy's head and take it along with him for identification purposes, I was just being sarcastic. I should have realized the reason he didn't do it then was so they could save something for the opening of Season 2. I'll say it again, but Jack's not exactly playing with a full deck. Many people might have eventually come to the conclusion he did and say the ends justified the means but it's like he just takes a shortcut. Bang! One dead guy lying on the middle of the floor and there he goes sawing at his neck like he's cutting down a Christmas tree. He should have at the very least laid a drop cloth or something first. Do you have any idea how much of a bloody mess it is to decapitate someone? You're never going to get the stain out of the carpet, that's for sure.

So, by my comments you can safely come to the conclusion that I'm past season 1 and steaming on into the middle of season 2. All in all, I'm fairly impressed with the show though some of the plot twists and reverses are a little unbelievable. I just don't get the whole Nina thing. If she really was working for the enemy the entire time, then why the hell was she being so fucking helpful? She could have borked Jack over so many times and not even by doing something horrible. All she had to do was not go that extra mile all those times. I can't even begin to count the number of rules she broke in order to help him along which just makes no sense if she was really in the pocket of the Drazen's. I'm really curious how far they script this show ahead of time. I really hope that the entire season is written and done before filming starts and it's not piecemeal. I guess I'll sort of figure that out based on how many more insane deus ex machina scenes there are.

I also wanted to say that I loathe Kim Bauer. Seriously, can she be any more self-absorbed and vapidly stupid? She's a prime candidate for my post-natal abortion idea. She reminds me of those characters from fantasy novels I was just bitching about a few days ago. All stupid and whiney. I'm sure her mother is happy to be dead. Now she no longer has to watch her daughter be a non-stop twat.
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