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I haven't made many entries lately for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I've spent a pretty obscene amount of time watching episodes of 24. I just finished up the third season and I'm trying to decide whether to start the fourth or to just put it off until tomorrow. The show's not bad at all and the characters really start to grow on you after a while. I'm happy to report that the third season is also the first where I haven't felt the intense desire to choke Kim Bauer to death whenever she's on screen. The thing I usually hate most about shows like this is the fact that I really don't like cliffhangers. Well, there are no cliffhangers when you can watch the episodes back to back to back. In fact, it's that avoidance of cliffhangers that has had me watching episodes for 12 hours straight or more at times.

I should also mention that after watching the show I feel I should be making some sort of entry relating it to current day politics. The parallels, especially in the first season, seemed pretty startling. We had a black presidential candidate who is all (supposedly) morally and a boyscout and then we have the domineering type-A personality in the form of his wife. Am I the only person who immediately thought about Obama and Hillary parallels? It just seemed that Sherry was the perfect caricature of Clinton. All smiles in public but the long knives come out behind closed doors. Yet, for all you can say about how she's evil incarnate, she's also very, very, very good at what she does. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want her as Chief of Staff as long as they could somehow leash her so she didn't run amok.

Anyway, I've gotten a bit far afield with the whole 24 thing, but one of the other reasons I haven't been making entries enough is pain management issues. When things have been going good, I've been doing the whole 24 thing. When things are going bad, I couldn't bring myself to tap out entries even if I wanted to.

I am going to try to force myself tonight and recap the last few days before it gets completely ridiculous and outdated. Mostly this is because Ubercon starts this friday and I just know that if I don't get some things jotted down now, I never will. There's always a huge backlog whenever there's a con and there are other things percolating about as well.
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