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Know when to fold 'em

So this past saturday, I popped over to Brian's place for a night of card gaming. Unlike my previous visits to his place, I actually made a good faith attempt to be on time. I wanted to go and take a few photos of the spot where my car had been towed. I finally ended up submitting the challenge for the ticket and I'll be going to court soon. Shit. I just about had a panic attack for a moment there when I got mixed up and thought that the court date might have been for today. It's actually for a week from now. So at some point before then I have to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row, processing some of those pictures and making sure that I get a replacement disabled id. I still have my placard but when I went to search for the id that goes with it a couple days ago, it came up bupkis. I'll need to make a trip to the DMV to sort that out and it's no surprise why I've been putting that off.

Anyway, when I got to Brian's place and finished taking the pictures I needed, the neighborhood ice cream truck rolled up. Yay! I haven't seen an ice cream truck in years and I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. It was a little disapointing that the truck wasn't playing some incredibly obnoxious kids song designed to summon all the neighborhood rugrats and irritate their parents. Instead, it was some sort of voice recording that I guess serves the same purpose.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always gotten the same thing when it comes to ice cream trucks. My sisters would get various ice cream bars with bubblegum for noses or fruit pops, but this was always my favorite.

I mean, what's not to love? It's patriotic. It's big. It's nothing but sugar and water, mixed with all the artificial colors and flavors known to man. Actually, I'm looking at the ingredient list that goes into one of these things right now and I'm wondering if I should be worried about the 'LOCUST BEAN GUM'.

Anyway, I carried my prize along with me and spent some time with Brian's wife Jessy and their daughter Sammie. We watched the beginning of Troy and chatted for a bit about Greek mythology and Sammie's upcoming birthday party until Brian got back from dropping the other two kids off at his parents' place.

The game featured the usual suspects and was fun like always. I spent most of the game heavily in the loss column but managed to make somewhat of a comeback by the end. I managed to finish up $.80 which is better than nothing. I'm now got oodles of change that I've been packing into all the empty pill bottles I've got lying around. One of these days I'll have to find something to do with it all or get it changed out at a bank.

I'm also happy to report that my car was exactly where I had left it when poker night ended. I avoided all the handicapped parking spots this time around, but you still never know. I mean, I was in Elizabeth after all.
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