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Sunday was gencon event registration and it went pretty much as you might expect. Sometimes I think that the motto for the company should be SNAFU.

You haven't heard me talk much about gencon this year as compared to year's past and there's a good reason for that. I'm just not as into it as I used to be. The entire con thing has really started to wither on me and while I still want to go, it's just hard to feel any real enthusiasm for it at this time. It doesn't help that I just know that registration is going to be a complete FUBAR and you're never sure exactly how it'll turn out.

Unlike previous years, I didn't do all that much prep this time around. I hadn't even so much as downloaded the event schedule ahead of time. Instead, I just ran a few searches the night before and sketched out some plans and event id's into a notepad file. My haphazard approach ended up almost biting me in the ass. Around 30 minutes before the server went live, I found out that I had made a giant mistake in one of the events, and had then built everything else around it. I ended up having to scramble through the list swapping out numbers while letting mock26 and graygan know what was going on over a conference call.

At least mock26 and I have been tag-teaming hotel and event registration for a few years now and it's worked out pretty well. The servers are unpredicable. Someone always ends up getting fucked one way or the other. By having two people work at it, we're more likely to get what we need to. Last year, I wasn't able to get through at all and he came through, picking up the TD slots that we needed. The year before that, he wasn't able to get through and I managed to snag the slots. This year, the entire process from the start of True Dungeon registration took 3 hours and 20 minutes before I could checkout with our TD slots. The system crashed and burned, as was expected, and the lag was mighty and ponderous. All in all, we picked up 5 slots that we're going to use ourselves and a few extra that will be traded out or given to friends.

I dunno if I mentioned it previously, but TD prices went up again this year. We're now paying $38 for a 2 hour event. I usually don't think much about it, but the sheer cost was brought home to me when I tried to checkout and had to pay almost $1,000 for the 3 8-man slots in my cart. That's bordering on the insane. It's true that I'll get reimbursed from the other people in the run but still, an outlay of a thousand dollars for 6 hours of gaming is a bit disturbing.

I had better luck in main event registration and was able to get everything I wanted with no problems. The person who runs the gencon server didn't synch his cloak right and it was running fast. I decided to try to submit my event requests a little bit before the time things were supposed to start and ended up breezing right through.

Here's my schedule for the con:

9am-1pm: Bubba Ho-Tep Presents: Rolemaster Express
1pm-5pm: Draven Presents: Paranoia XP
8pm-9pm: Life Size Kill Dr. Lucky

11am-1pm: Killer Bunnies Quest 2008 World Championship Tournament Qualifier
2pm-4pm: Killer Bunnies Quest 2008 World Championship Tournament Qualifier
4pm-6pm: Killer Bunnies Masters Game
7:37pm-9:37pm: True Dungeon Nightmare Combat
11:37pm-1:37pm: True Dungeon Commando Combat

11am-1pm: Killer Bunnies Quest 2008 World Championship Tournament Qualifier
12pm-1pm: True Arena
1pm-5pm: NASCRAG Presents: The Pretanic Island Saga - "Into the Wind" (Round 1)
4pm-5pm: True Arena
5:36pm-7:36pm: True Dungeon Normal Puzzle
7:48pm-9:48pm: True Dungeon Nightmare Puzzle
11:25pm-1:25pm: True Dungeon Nightmare Combat

9am-11am: Killer Breakfast
1pm-5pm: NASCRAG Presents: The Pretanic Island Saga - "Into the Wind" (Round 2)
7pm-11pm: NASCRAG Presents: The Pretanic Island Saga - "Into the Wind" (Round 3)

11am-1pm: Killer Bunnies Quest 2008 World Championship Tournament Finals

There are some events that end up overlapping but I'll figure out the conflict at some point. There were a couple of things I bought just with the intention of perhaps trading, like the True Arena tickets on Friday at 4pm. There's no way I'll be able to make that due to NASCRAG. As for some of the KB qualifier events, once I qualify, I won't exactly need the rest. At that point I figure I'll be a little more free with the schedule.

The same sort of thing goes with the NASCRAG events. It's by advancement which means if my team really stinks, we'll have a lot of free time on Saturday since we'll never make it to the last two rounds. We still need people to fill out a team and that has me sorta worried. I would much prefer to know I have a full team going in rather than trying to find random people at the last minute. That hasn't exactly worked out for us in the past. Unfortunately, I don't know any other NASCRAG players really. I've advertised on the TD forums but so far there doesn't seem to be any interest. Oh well. Nothing to do but wait and see I guess.
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