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I'll bet they can't find the pedophiles either

You know, you'd think that a government counter terrorism unit would run better background checks on their employees. From the very first season it's been mole after mole after mole at CTU. It starts to get a little ridiculous that none of these people seem to be tested and polygraphed on a regular basis. If this show goes on much longer, the only person who'll be left is Jack Bauer. Everyone else will have worked for the terrorists at one point or another and gotten themselves whacked.

On a sidenote, I never thought I'd actually use this icon for anything other than sciency issues.

I'm around 8 episodes short of finishing season 4 right now and season 5 is being bittorrented as I type this. It's unlikely I'm going to get a chance to start it since Ubercon begins on Friday. I've got a full schedule of events to run starting at 4pm and the rest of the con will be pretty packed as well. I'm going to take the Flip Ultra with me, so I'll probably be posting some video of the con at some point. One of the things that always drives me nuts about running games at cons is I absolutely hate having to transport all the games I'm running back and forth. I really need to find some sort of carry device other than stuffing everything into plastic bags and hoping nothing rips. I could really use some sort of hugeass rollycart.

Lastly, I guess I should mention that I went to the DMV today and got a replacement ID. Don't you hate it when you find out you're theonly person who's actually following the rules? I went to the website and it said you needed a notorized statement that your id had been lost. I spent a chunk of time getting that done only to have the lady at the DMV look at me blankly when I gave it to her. Turns out most people just claim they lost it and their word is good enough. Feh. On the plus side, I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. I didn't bother to get the card laminated and just tucked it into the wallet for safe keeping. I'm likely going to need it when I go to traffic court on Tuesday.
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