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The feeling as drugs kick in is pretty spiffy. Maybe this is what ends up hooking some of the addicts, though in my case it's likely compounded by the easing of pain. It's just sorta nice. At first it's just a minor blunting around the edges but then it creeps in like a fog rolling in. Then all of a sudden, poof, the pain is gone and all that's left is this vaguely bemused sort of feeling. All in all, I heartedly recommend it.

So, there's not much to report around these parts. Ubercon starts tommorrow and at some point I'm going to have to dig through the games closet to gather up everything I'm going to have to bring to the event. Other than that, my day today has been pretty much on cruise control. I finally got around to catching up on my sleep, which is a plus. For some reason, I tend to constantly be sleep deprived and then one day a week I just catch up out of the blue. It's like going to take a nap and just not waking up for 10 hours or so. It probably has something to do with a kismet of being tired and having a good day with pain issues. Nothing owie pokes me and wakes me up. That's certainly not the case most nights.
Tags: chronic pain, drugs, ubercon

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