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I object on the grounds that I > U

So, tomorrow I will be going to court in the city of Elizabeth in an attempt to not have to pay the 50-someodd dollar parking ticket and, if I'm lucky, get my towing fee refunded. I have no idea how the situation will work itself out. It's not like I've been in many of these sort of situations before. In fact, I can only recall two off the top of my head. The first was having to go to court for parking in a handicapped spot when I was 19 or so. (Ya, I know, the irony is rich.) Instead of having a sign denoting the spot, they had instead painted a blue handicapped symbol on the street. I didn't notice the darn thing at night and ended up having to pay a $100 fine for it and spend a couple hours at the courthouse. The second time was due to an accident I had where I slid through an intersection on a major highway during a rain storm and t-boned a crossing car. The guy ended up suing me for an entire laundry list of issues including 'anhedonia', a loss of joy in his life. I was sort of pissy about that at time since I felt he should have to at least prove that he had joy in his life to begin with. In the end, I showed up at the courthouse and waited for hours. He and his lawyers never showed and they ended up settling out of court with my insurance company.

I guess that's my best hope this time around too. If the police officer who ordered the car towed dosen't show up that means I win, right? I'm not sure exactly where I stand on this whole thing legally. I mean, I was blocking what could have theoreticly been a driveway. I've never seen any cars in it and it's all fenced off, but it does have a sloping curb in front. I just don't see how in the world they can fine me for parking in what was clearly marked as a handicapped parking spot. It's not like it was a private, reserved spot either from what I could see. In the end, I figure that if I win, it'll be because the judge exercised his or her discretion. I'm probably borked by the letter of the law, even if it makes no sense.

Hmmm, I just checked the notice, and it seems that I'll have to get to the courthouse by 8:45 am. My day will start even earlier than that since I still have to make a run to a Walgreens to get the pictures I took printed out. I have no clue if it'll make a difference but it'd be stupid to not have a picture or two documenting the sign and spot just in case.

Anyway, I'll let you all know how it ends up going tomorrow.
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