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You're out of order! The whole damn trial is out of order!

I dunno what's causing it but ever since getting back from the con, I've been having issues with my meds. They don't seem to be having the same effect as usual and I've had to keep taking more. I have no idea what's causing it, but it's not exactly a fun situation as you might imagine. The pain issue kept me from getting to sleep last night and I was pretty much forced to just stay awake. It's not a terribly huge burden since it was going to be an early start today anyway with the court date and all. Hopefully I can wrap it up quickly and then get some sleep.

Part of the problem is I still think of my meds as something to be hoarded. It comes from all those years where it was impossible to get doctors to prescribe me anything other than giant horsepills of ibuprofen. That experience makes me begrudge taking any more medication than I need to, always worried that I'll somehow run out and wind up completely screwed. To this day, I have a hoarded stash of odds and ends, filled with old percocets and vicodins. Most of them weren't even initially prescribed for me. I simply scrounged them from friends and family who didn't need them and added them to my just-in-case stash. I used to think to myself that it'd be easier to go out and score heroin on the street for pain relief than getting a prescription for opiates. Hell, I used to live in the south side of Chicago. It's probably easier to get heroin than it is to go and pick up a bottle of cough medicine, assuming you had the money.

So it's a little less than three hours before I'm due at the courthouse and I'm just trying to pass the time without accidentally falling asleep. I edited, spliced, and uploaded all the video clips from Ubercon to google video. I'll hopefully have the recap posted some time later today after I get home.
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