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Dream a little dream

I just had one hell of a longass nightmare. I fell asleep for what must've been around 10 hours and spent the entire time dreaming. It started off sort of strange with a weird cast of characters. I don't remember much now but there was an asian girl with her white boyfriend and assorted others my mind automaticly classified as 'friends'. At some point the dream changed until I was a detective sent off to investigate a supernatural event at some Japanese school/shinto compound. A bunch of kids had died and it involved some real craziness such as someone mixing poison gas, malevolent supernatural evil, and people alternatively being forced to eat a cockmeat sandwich. Just when it was getting really disturbing, my psyche seemed to have pulled the lever on an escape hatch and the entire investigation turned out to just be a scary movie I was watching by myself. I immediately put it on pause and went out to the group of friends and told them they had to come watch it with me because japanese horror movies freak me out ever since that crazy girl crabwalked in The Ring. So, for some reason, we're sitting there two to a bed and watching the movie with blankets pulled up around us and things shifted again. Now we were all stuck in the movie, though now it was like a dungeons and dragons game. We all had spells and special abilities but an overwhelming evil was coming to eat us alive. The whole thing was now set in some sort of shinto temple with all sorts of winding passageways. We did our best to prepare but when the attack came it was overwhelming. We hid and then tried to make a run for it. The entire situation then turned into a LARP at gencon. We ran and made our way through the crowds as other LARPers chased us until I saw a cordoned off area for True Dungeon. The golden ticket run was just about to get started. They weren't going to let us through at first but then some of the staff waved us past. It provided a good hiding spot from the people chasing us and I also knew that we had a TD run scheduled as soon as the GT people went on theirs. As we were waiting for our turn, I knew that as soon as we finished the run it would be time for Killer Breakfast and I hadn't gotten around to preparing anything special for the event.

Then I woke up.
Tags: dreams, gencon, true dungeon

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