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Signs of insanity

I think I've mentioned on here at least once before that I was one of those poor, gullible saps that believed Bill Clinton all those years ago when he waggled his finger at the American people and said 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman.' It's been a point of shame ever since. How could I have been so wrong when everything biased me toward believing he was a damn stinking liar. It was only worse when many hippie friends confidently told me that they had known he was lying all along. Now, maybe this was a bit of revisionist history on their part but the entire episode left me confused and a bit distrustful of my own judgment in these matters. It also left me with a residual loathing of Bill Clinton and his shrill, enabling wife.

It's because of that history that I find it sort of difficult to come to the realization that I'm actually starting to respect Hillary and perhaps even like not want her to die a horrible death. This change of heart is no doubt due partly to the fact that I want her to bury Obama. It started as simple strategy. Obama was sure to be the nominee and if McCain was to have a chance, the primary would have to continue and become bloody. Hillary was willing to fight on and I was cheering every time she drew blood.

Lately, that's changed a bit. I find that it's hard to watch this race and read as much about it as I do and not have a grudging respect for her. If nothing else, the never say die attitude and her willingness to fight on is sort of inspiring. My views of Obama have also crystalized in the past couple months and no doubt that's playing a role. If you had asked me back then if I had to accept either a Clinton presidency or an Obama one, I would have gone with Obama hands down. That's no longer the case. The more I look at Obama the more I find someone inherently untrustworthy. He makes a lot of claims of transcendence and bipartisanship but there's absolutely no record upon which to base any of it. He's the ideal strawman candidate, becoming whatever people choose to make of him, and there's no substance. At least with Clinton, you know she'll do whatever will guarentee her a political victory. If that means to compromise, she'll compromise. If that means taking a shiv to you, you'd better watch your back. She's predictable and there's a long history upon which to base her reactions and decision.

It doesn't help either that Obama is also supported by the ultra-leftist nutjobs out there. It's like seeing the Ron Paul maniacs run around frothing at the mouth. I don't have to know anything about the candidate to know that anyone who has supporters like that, you can't trust. It's the same with Obama and his crazed and die-hard ring of nutjobs on daily kos and other sites. If the inverse of the enemy of my enemy is my friend holds true, then anyone who gets their rabid support cannot be trusted in my book.

All I can do now is hope that Clinton pulls out a victory in North Carolina, as highly unlikely as that is. I have very little doubt she'll score a win in Indiana. If she can also squeak out a victory in NC, then Obamamania might have just suffered a death blow. It'll continue to trash around for a bit, but for all intents and purposes, it'll be a fatal shot.
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