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Friday Game Night

Welp, I went to friday game night hosted by someone I had met at the boardgame meetup. He had given me the impression that around half a dozen people usually showed up for this so I wasn't expecting the final number of three. Me, him, and a girl he knew. It was still nice to get a chance to play a few of the games I had bought all those years ago but never opened. We went through a game of settlers of catan: cities and knights and then two of munchkin which was a lot of fun. I'm probaly going to make these friday gamenights a part of my permanant routine, schedule permitting, but I hope more people show up next time.

As for munchkin, I've been trying to get ahold of a few of the level counters they just came out with. Let me see if I can find a picture....

Spiffyness, no? I'm planning to give them as belated christmas gifts. They've been out of stock recently so it's been a pain in the ass to find someone with them.

It's also new icon day.

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