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Leonardoodle is the leader of the group, transformed from the norm by the mutagen goop

The above was just one of the entries at last year's Super Groom contest in Las Vegas, a competition to transform your dog into something worthy of ridicule. I just don't understand how something like this didn't win. It wasn't even the runner up according to news accounts of the event.

Myra Macia, of Texas, took first place by turning her standard poodle, Peach Cobbler, into a Poodle Rider motorcycle. Katherine Ray was second with her depiction of a horse sculpted into her poodle's fur. They beat Carmon Baker's dog Missy, who looked like mutt-on dressed as lamb with fishnet stockings, high-heeled pixie boots and a powder pink top.

Man, now I want a Leonardoodle. It'd be worth it just to walk it down the street and see people's reactions.
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