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It's like magic

I ordered a wireless mouse for the laptop around a week ago and I just got around to opening and setting it up last night. It's fantastic. I'd gotten used to using the touch pad but there's nothing like having a mouse for certain things. That and I'm amazed at just how handy the wireless is. The absence of cables getting all tangled up is fantastic. That and the laser whozit they now use instead of rollerballs means that it works on any surface. I was lying in bed last night reading from the laptop and rolling the mouse over a nearby pillow.

In addition to the wireless mouse, I also picked up a webcam for inexplicable reasons. I can't imagine why or when I would ever get around to using it. I just figured I ought to have one and it has a microphone in it so I figure I could always use it for voice chat or something. Of course, the last time I used voice chat was around 5-6 years ago and the last time I tried video chat was around 9. The video idea was a passing fancy. I spent around 3 days on microsoft netmeeting and saw nothing but an endless array of penises. God knows why they bother to sell webcams that mount to the top of monitors or notebooks considering that most people from my experience just used them to point at their own crotch. Needless to say, I wasn't amused.

I'm sure that it's different nowdays. It'd almost have to be, right? It's like how the first thing that BBS's or email or IRC was used for was pr0n. Thus it would have to be the same for video chatting. As more normal people move into the technology, the perverts would scamper off to whatever is new across the horizon. Well, that's my guess anyway. I'm not sure I really want to use the webcam to find out.
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