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Nuts to the lot of them

I got a heads up earlier that some person was complaining about one of the games I ran at Ubercon on behalf of his girlfriend or something. I, of course, popped over to his LJ to take a look and it wasn't hard to not feel grumpy about it. In case you want to take a look, the whole entry is here. Here's the relevant portion:

Mandy also got ticked off at some guy running Killer Bunnies who kept leaving the table, Henry Chi or something? Gonna find out if he's a playroom rep or if he's just some douche bag who kept acting like those playing his game were a nuisance or burden.

I swear to God, some people are such whiney sissies. I can only assume that she thought that I was supposed to sit there and hold her hand during the entire game.

The really obnoxious part about this is that I already end up scheduling and running twice the number of games that a GM is required to and actually slotted them in a way to maximize the number of events. That I would then get this person whining about it just gets my goat. It's not even as if I simply walked off after tossing the game on the table and vanished or something. I must've spent 15 minutes or so teaching the rules and then spent the entire time around 15 feet away. It's not even as if I were actually involved in another game or something. Actually, at the time I was having issues and simply didn't want to sit and make things any worse. I went to a nearby table where friends were playing something or other and knelt on a chair there, leaning on the table. June, who was also playing KB, waved me over a few times for rules questions and adjudications so I'm not sure exactly what this girl's problem was. Maybe she just felt she needed to be catered to or something.

The really ironic part is that I had been worried the game would be problematic at first because of the presence of a couple of newbies. I stuck around at the table for a while just to make sure that things were going well but after a time they seemed to have it all well in hand. I'm wondering if I should drop June a line and see if this girl was complaining the entire time or otherwise a problem since as far as I knew, things had run smoothly.

Feh. Sometimes I really wonder if it's worthwhile to run games. It's one thing when people are appreciative of the effort but quite another when you make the effort and still get crap because of it. God knows I didn't have to do as many events as I did, but I figured it was for the good of the con. Maybe it's time to rethink that metric.


So the guy responded to my comment on his blog and was actually pretty reasonable and even keeled in his response. That, of course, takes a lot of the wind and bluster out of my irritation. I even went back and edited some of my more colorful language. After all, it's not his fault really, he just ends up being the surrogate since it was his blog entry I was directed to.

Still, I am more than a bit cheesed about her supposed comment that I didn't have the materials for the game. I brought the game with every single expansion in it. What in the world did she want on top of that? The decks even had a smattering of all the omego and psi cards to boot. Feh. I'm definitely going to have to drop June a line and see what in the world was up.

I dropped June a PM over on BGG. We'll see what she has to say about it.
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