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Yay capitalism

So far, 6 of the PPB bags have sold to my surprise. One of the people who purchased one doesn't want to pay for it, but that's pretty much par for the course. She claims she's too stupid to work the checkout feature and just wants to call the whole thing off. I can sort of understand if these were auctions and you popped up a bid early on that ended up winning but these were all buy it now listing. I mean, look at the name. Buy it now. Not say you want it then end up changing your mind.

I offered to help her through the checkout process but I'm sure it's a non-starter. She might be dumb as a brick but even most idiots can figure out how to pay for something online. I figure it's just an excuse and the lack of response since the initial email reinforces that idea. I have her home address and phone # so I might just give her a ring in a day or two and see if I can compel payment.

No love yet for the leftover VB's. Maybe it's just a case of what's hot today is tommorrow's rubbish.
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