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Still alive!

Welp, another gaming session, another day alive. It's been quite a gaming weekend. First the board and card games yesterday, the normal bimonthly ad&d session tonight, and then the d&d miniatures thing tommorrow if I decide to go. Fun, fun, fun. As a bonus, I even managed not to die today after trying to jump on the back of a giant gargoyle, accidently hitting myself with a fireball from a wand of wonder, and then being smacked with a critical hit for 28 points by a steel-shod troll club. Lucky it didn't all happen at once.

I also got to sing my character song that I wrote a couple days ago. Everyone was supposed to come up with something but it turns out only me and one other person actually did, and he wrote his on the spur of the moment once he got there. Here's mine sung to that first verse tune in gilligan's island:

Oh sit right back and you're hear the tale
The tale of the great wild mage
Who battled orcs and giant kin
and faced dark dragon rage

Our hero's name was Corian
An elf on great crusade
Whose quest it was, evil to defeat
with the skills of spell and blade

The rumors came all cloaked in fear
An army formed up north
Of monsters set to devestate
Only corian could go forth

To stop this plague set to descend
before it could destroy
To go and face this deadly ill
His powers to deploy

On one bright day brave corian
set forth though not alone
With dwarves, an elf, and halfling's dog
to face the great unknown

The army stretched for many miles
The dwarves all quaked with fear
we cannot win against such odds
lets go and have a beer

He cursed them for their cowardice
we are the only chance
That all those innocents have now
Draw blades! For we advance!

The battle started and soon got rough
Cries of pain and fear and rage
with deadly spells and sharp bright blade
Dark forces he did engage

Corian fought till 'lone he stood
Soaked in blood among the fray
For each he fell ten more appeared
D'Damn dwarves had run away

A silence fell on the battlefield
the dark hoards drew back and did part
To show to all the driving force
within this army's heart

A figure come from in the hoard
Dressed from head to toe in black
He looked at corian with a sneer
You were foolish to attack

Do you not see the force I bear
gathered here to me today
Of orcs and gnolls and giant-kin
All the living we will slay

And of this dark and evil hoard
is not my source of greatest might
The man shimmered in fell magic's force
A shadow dragon did take flight

As corian looked upon this foe
his heart grew bleak and cold
for he knew that 'gainst such force
Neither spells nor blade would hold

Into the face of dark despair
He raised his arms up to the sky
wild magic's rage to unleash
shadowed evil to deny

He felt his spell begin to twist
For the DM rolled two - oh
Wild magic raged and surged that day
and corian was all aglow

The magic's force began to grow
and where our hero stood
in his place, an ancient silver wyrm
A force to fight for good

He launched himself up from the ground
The dark shadow to engage
To face the evil on even terms
Went the great wild mage

With his talons, fangs and firey breath
dark scales soon fell like rain
Dark dragon plummeted to the earth
evil had been slain

Corian turned upon dark hoards
and with his firey breath
Scored and burned them where they stood
and sent them to their death

Oh sing the praise of Corian
the mage who slew dark might
and pity those poor yellow dwarves
if he finds them out this night

Whadda ya think? Sure, it's not going to win prizes or anything but I thought it was pretty spiffy.

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