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How do you know it's art? Rich people keep trying to buy it.

Christie's auction house is about to set a new record at one of their art sales tonight. A painting to be sold is expected to garner 25-35 million dollars, the most ever paid for a living artist's work. The piece is a portrait painted back in 1995 by Lucian Freud.

Now, I dunno what you're thinking about when you read the above description, but I was sort of surprised when I actually saw the picture itself. Suffice to say, it's not something I can see hanging up in the living room, and that's even before having to pay at least 25 million dollars for the privilege. I just can't believe that in all the world, this is the most valuable and sought after piece of art created by someone who hasn't yet kicked the bucket. I guess I can at least be thankful that it's not a modern art piece.

Anyway, picture in your mind what you think a painting worth 25 million should look like. Then click behind the cut.

The following is titled: "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping"

I wonder how many people are going to rush out to buy prints so they can hang up a copy in their homes. Isn't that what usually happens with famous paintings?
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