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Things continue on in various levels of suck. I finally took the time to wade through all the byzantine levels of HMOs and other health care gobbily gook today. I had to pick a HMO a few weeks ago but because of my disability status, I don't actually have to stay with a HMO. Instead, for some inexplicable reason, they require me to sign up for one and then the moment I'm registered to request to be taken off of it. Since I haven't seen a doctor in almost a year, it's really a moot point all around. I'm actually more concerned about the dental coverage. I've got a wisdom tooth that's falling apart at the seams just like the last one and while it's no longer causing me pain, I just know that any day now it's going to start howling like the blazes. I definitely want to make sure I have some sort of coverage when that sucker needs to be yanked.

Those fucking wisdom teeth. If it weren't for the fact that I was such a coward, I would have had all four of them out a decade ago. The dentist had wanted to pull them right off the bat, and no wonder considering the easy money he'd make doing the procedure. He claimed that they would never come in normally and would jut out of my jaw in crazy directions. I have a phobia for needles and put it off and when they ended up popping in just fine, I just chalked it up to him being a money grubbing liar and never even considered having them yanked. Now, years later, I'm forced to get them pulled one at a time. I could have just shortcutted the whole process if I had known better.

All in all, life continues to suck pretty much unabated. Pain issues seem to have plateaued for the moment, neither getting better nor getting worse. That's not exactly helpful considering that overall, this has been a pretty unpleasant stretch. Due to the increased amount of badgering, I'll probably have to see a doctor at some point and see if there's anything they can do for me. I know that the steroids will work but I'm really afraid of taking away the one thing that I know will work in a pinch. The last time I went on them for a continuous basis, they had less and less effect over time. I need to have something for Origins and Gencon where I know I can be more functional for a short period of time. Feh. Nothing to do but sacrifice the present for the hope of the future.
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