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Peter probably spent it all on hookers and blow

Well, it looks like in addition to ripping off the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Gencon also owes a shitload of money to other companies. It looks like the entire company was run by some crazed assmonkey without a lick of financial sense. This also explains why Wizards of the Coast has been unwilling to commit to attending the event. I thought at the time it was just a bit of CYA due to the money owed to Lucas Arts and their close relationship, but it turns out that Gencon owes Hasbro even more. If Hasbro actually attends the con, the chances of them getting the full amount of their money back is almost nil. No doubt they'd be willing to do it if they could convert the debt to credit to be used this year, but there's no way the bankruptcy is going to allow that.

Here's a list of the top 10 companies who are owed money:

Can you believe that? Who the hell spends three quarters of a million dollars on Star Wars decorations? Upon seeing this, it seems far more likely that gencon is going to go down in flames. In this market, they're going to find it absolutely impossible to borrow money and the lack of WotC is going to hugely impact next year's attendance. They're lucky the bankruptcy case broke when it did, after many people had already planned their summer trip. If it had hit back in November or something, it might have been catastrophic.
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