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I burnt the toast and it was black as my soul

So a while back, chelledg recommended a book by Christopher Moore. I had meant to head over to a pyramid books (1/2 price used book place in town) and see if they had a copy but I kept putting it off. I don't venture out much and I wasn't exactly having a good stretch with the whole pain management thing. Instead, I decided to see if there were any of his audiobooks on bittorrent and after a week or so of sporadic connections, managed to snag two of them: You Suck: A Love Story and A Dirty Job: A Novel.

I just started listening to You Suck and it's been fantastic so far. My only regret is that it's the sequel to another book. I usually like to experience books in the order in which they're written. Partly that just makes sense from a story/plot point of view and second, it's always interesting to see how an author develops with time. I'm almost halfway through the audiobook and there's nothing I don't like. The writing is hilarious and the person they found to read the book is fantastic. Abbey Normal's journal entries are just perfect. The basic idea is that a woman, Jodie, is turned into a vampire and attaches herself to a slacker/loser, Tommy, who works at a Safeway with his insane stoner friends. In the first book, they form a vampire fighting squad and proceed to defeat the elder vampire who turned Jodie and in the process completely blow up a yacht and run off with millions of dollars in stolen art. The second book starts right after the first ends when Jodie turns Tommy into a vampire as well. It basically documents his transition and the problems of finding blood and acquiring minions. Toss in a good handful of crazed monkey love and that's been the book so far.

I'm currently bidding on a set of the books being sold on ebay right now. Assuming I win the lot, I'll be able to pick up the remainder on Amazon and they should keep me occupied for a few weeks. The audiobook version has been impressive enough that I'm even thinking about signing up temporarily to Audible just so I can pick up a few more and convert them to MP3's. It doesn't seem popular enough for there to be lots of torrents around. I was pretty lucky to have gotten the two I did.
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