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Date Created:2003-10-03
Number of Posts: 22

Angry and more bitter than a mouthful of bile left to ferment for a week. Henwy should be avoided at all costs by pansies, hippies, reefer smoking wankjobs, democrats, vegetarians, and other lefty pinko wastes of space.
Strengths: Biting sarcasm and a tenacious need to destroy the enemy. The enemy being whoever has pissed him off most recently or happens to be standing in front of him.
Weaknesses: Seems to accumilate angsty teenage girls with petty relationship and life issues as associates who refuse to go away no matter how unhelpful he is nor how long he pounds on their self esteem and sense of self worth.
Special Skills: Posseses the ability to decapitate small rodents and whiney liberals with equal ease.
Weapons: Sarcasm: Critical hit causes double damage and loss of self esteem. Rifle: If cheesed off enough, will seek nearest belltower. +20 damage to all within 200 yards.
Quotes: Cats are the handmaidens of Satan.

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