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Crackheads have it easy

There are times I really wish I could be one of those people who could mainline heroin. If only it weren't for my general dread of needles. I was able to handle injecting myself with the eterecept after a while, but that was just into the leg. Hell, I didn't even have to look if I didn't want to. I'm thinking that the delicate manipulations necessary to actually locate and then hit a vein would be so far beyond my comfort level that it'd never work out.

Another possibility might be simply to snort the drugs. I've never intentionally inhaled any non-air substance and those ties that I have accidentally snorted something, have not been pleasant experiences. There's usually burning and, in the case of an unfortunate encounter with pepper, sneezing involved. Besides, you'd probably have to crush any pills really fine and most of them aren't water soluable anyway for the very reason that hopheads sometimes try to snort them. It'd be one thing if the fine powder would dissolve, but what happens if the entire fiasco is like trying to snort a handful of sand into your nasal passages. That would seriously suck.

The reason I'm even contemplating this line of thought is because I'm having a real issue with the onset time of meds lately. They just don't kick in nearly as fast as they used to. That added to the fact that it's been a real rough patch means that I haven't been a happy camper. I feel like I'm constantly behind the curve, chasing the dragon. The only way I do manage to catch up is if I greatly increase the dosage and I've taken to crunching up pills just to speed absorption.

All of this is just the long way of saying that I think I'm going to have to see another doctor and find a better solution. The whole insurance thing should sort itself out by the 1st of June and I figure it'll take at least that long to get an appointment.
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