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Ben and Jerry's

So after years of, if not actively avoiding Ben and Jerry's ice cream then certainly not seeking it out, I've sampled a few flavors. Walgreens had been having a sale on them the previous week and I picked up some @ $2.25 a pint. I was in a hurry at the time since I was late for the poker tournament and mainly grabbed whatever looked appealing.

Phish Food:

This was the most disappointing of the three by far, partly because of my heightened expectations. I had heard descriptions of Phish Food for years and the idea of little chocolate fish swimming in ice cream appealed to me greatly. I still remember reading someone's comment on a forum that they had purchased a pint only to find that all their fish had clustered at the bottom for some inexplicable reason. The idea that perhaps they were huddling for warmth was a happy thought.

Anyway, what really killed Phish Food for me is that besides knowing there was chocolate fish swimming in the ice cream, I knew nothing else about it and didn't bother to read the label when I picked it up. I don't really like chocolate ice cream all that much. I prefer vanilla with the chocolate as an accent. Second, the damn fish were fudge. I've found through the years that I just don't like fudge for some reason. It's either too sweet for me or tastes too much like dark chocolate which I also don't care for. I was indifferent to the marshmallow but everything else was just a big sack of sad.

Rating: ★☆☆☆

Chunky Monkey:

When I first tried a bite of this my first thought was 'Holy Shit, that's banana'y.' Oddly enough though, banana seems to be one of those flavors that exhausts your taste buds almost immediately. The second spoonful tasted less like bananas, and the third less than that. After a while, it just tasted like vanilla more than anything else. If you waited a bit and rinsed out your mouth though, boom!, it was bananas again. I wonder why it is that certain tastes work that way and others don't. I wonder if there was an evolutionary reason why we would want to stop tasting banana after having a lot of it or if it's just something that scientists cooked up in the lab.

Anyway, the ice cream itself wasn't bad. The main downside is that there were also fudge chunks in this offering. Doesn't anyone just use normal milk chocolate anymore? The pieces of walnut were also a little extreme for my taste. I'm not fond of walnuts in general. In fact, they're probably my least favorite nut out of the ones usually encountered. Still, with the ice cream's sweetness to drown out the walnut taste, it wasn't horrible.

Rating: ★★☆☆

Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream

Now that's what I'm talking about. This was the clear winner if there was to be a taste test. It was perfect on all levels. Vanilla ice cream with waffle cone pieces and caramel. It was like eating a great ice cream cone, just mashed up a bit. This is now officially my flavor as far as Ben and Jerry's goes. Well, until I find something I like better anyway.

Rating: ★★★★
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