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Fun with morons

You likely all recall a few days ago when I was reporting on how much I had liked that Christopher Moore book but that I had some confusion about the way the story had ended. Well, I decided to check out some of the online forums devoted to his work and see if I could solicit some opinions to others about the ending. In the process, I managed to make a buncha new friends. It never fails really. It's as if the morons know exactly where I am and manage to congregate just to welcome me to the neighborhood.

It's been a while since I've been on any new forums so maybe I'm just a bit rusty when how things are supposed to go. I know most places online develop a pecking order of sorts. You know, there's always a top dog sort of mentality and newbies are supposed to be subservient and quake with fear. I guess I was supposed to just duck and cover but you knew that wasn't going to happen with my personality.

The person providing the most entertainment at the moment is some mental defective named 'deb'. It's sort of hilarious really. I've spent so much time on some really drag-down, heinous places online that her attempts to insult or attack seem quaint. It seems like a small community and I guess she's the best they have filling the grumpy sniper position. Take a look at the recent thread where she and some others tried for another go.


It's hard to not take the bait when someone that stupid keeps serving them up. I think she's dim enough to keep wanting to tangle which is fine with me. I could use the entertainment. Chances are she'll follow me from thread to thread and I can just smack her around until she learns better. I can only assume she's just trying to mark her territory or something.
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