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“Alright, so it's been a really long time since I've made a voice post and since I just posted that entry about the Mr Fly Song. I thought that I would try to sing it. I don't think if I actually the new lyrics before so this may be a little bit messy. Here we go. Mr Fly climb up a tree. Climb them as high as high can be. Lost his grip came crushing down. Smashed the pieces on the ground. When the insects heard the sound at the laying for most around. They began to buzz and cry. Quick pain for Mr Fly. Where's the bandage where's the splint. Get some linty(?) mint and lint. Some one give him aspirin. Should we call the doctor in? Then the wise old please spoke out. You don't know what you're about. His beyond our reach of aid. Get a pick and get us tape. Then at last those insects knew what it was they had to do. Now his team turns bed of scroll he who climbs too high must fall. I really like the song. I mean I spent God know how many years trying to find the end lyrics for it but I always remember the last part about he who climbs too high must fall and I thought that was a that's a pretty wonderful message to be teaching second graders at the time. So well alright, that's about it then. Sing in your self see if you like it.”

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