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Sucky sucky? Me Triangle-Circle-Triangle you long time

I just finished Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PSP and it was pretty spiffy. Definitely a departure from most of the FF games I've ever played. It was strange only controlling one character the entire time. With most of the others, you usually have a whole group of people you can use and customize. Overall, the best part of Crisis Core were the FMV's. The videos were really stunning in parts, almost like watching a cgi movie. It was also nice that it managed to fill in the storyline bits that were missing from FFVII. I still have very fond memories of FFVII. It was the game that finally convinced me to buy a playstation. I still remember spending God only knows how many hours trying to make sure that I found every single last materia and achieved every secret goal. More than any other game, it probably shaped my idea of what a modern RPG should be.

After finishing Crisis Core, I decided to move right on to God of War. I've never actually played any of the previous titles since they came out after I had stopped using my playstation 2. It's gotten a lot of positive hype though and the gameplay has been fun so far. I stumbled over one interesting bit and decided to capture it on video with the flip ultra.

Amazing, eh? It's like do it yourself video game porn of sorts. I can just imagine someone coming up with an entire game worth of this sort of thing. Anyway, I was sort of surprised to find this as part of the game. I hadn't quite realized things had gotten this risque.
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