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Indiana Jones to invade Russia and smack those commie rat bastards a good one.

That should be the news headline for the CNN story I just read if newspaper editors were as stupid as russian communists. Here's the substance of the story:

MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- Members of Russia's Communist Party are calling for a nationwide boycott of the new Indiana Jones movie, saying it aims to undermine communist ideology and distort history.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" stars Harrison Ford as an archaeologist in 1957 competing with an evil KGB agent, played by Cate Blanchett, to find a skull endowed with mystic powers.

It hit Russian screens Thursday.

Communist Party members in St. Petersburg said on a web site this week that the Soviet Union in 1957 "did not send terrorists to the States," but launched a satellite, "which evoked the admiration of the whole world."

Moscow Communist lawmaker Andrei Andreyev said Saturday "it is very disturbing if talented directors want to provoke a new Cold War."

What a buncha spazztic morons. They do have a point though. When we studied the historical record in school when the real Indiana Jones battled communists to seize the mystical artifact, it was nothing like how it was in the movie. Oh wait, that's right, this is fiction and never happened. That's why it's not possible for it to distort history.

I do sort of like the idea that this movie could provoke a new cold war though. Talk about hilarity. Can you imagine if 50 years from now all the history texts had an entry about the War of Indiana Jones and the dire political impact it had? I'm sure that would make Stephen Spielburg happy. The royalties would keep rolling in forever.
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