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Sleepytime interrupted

I'd much rather be in bed right now. Well, actually, let me rephrase that since I am in bed right now. I'd rather be sleeping in bed right now. I was exhausted by 1am or so and fell asleep only to springboard back up 2 hours later. Pain issues have since kept me from being able to try to sleep again and so I've just been puttering around online, looking for something with which to occupy my time. It's amazing just how many hours of my life is taken up in this sort of activity. After running out of things to read, I figured I might as well update the LJ.

Yesterday was another game day at the Panera. In general, the usual suspects showed up though Lori missed this one due to prior commitments. I hear she was busy shaking her money maker somewhere upstate. I had been hoping to at least pass her the copies of Runebound expansions since prismcat didn't show either.

It ended up being a fairly light game day overall. I brought along a buncha small games and we ended up running through around a half dozen games of No Thanks, a couple of King's Breakfast, and then one of Through the Desert. I also tortuously sat through a game of Puerto Rico. The only options were that or Settlers, which is to say a rock and a hard place. Things didn't end up running as long as usual since the Bill's wanted to get home early in order to clean the house before their Memorial Day party today. According to them, Randy's RSVP'ed which is good to hear. I haven't seen him in ages.
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