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So, the party at the Bills went over pretty well though there were a few notable downsides. For one thing, I was feeling a little subpar due to some stomach upset. The night before the party I had eaten some leftover pizza upon getting home and it didn't agree with me. I'm not sure why but that seems to be a common response for me and pizza lately. Maybe it was just all the oil or something but it was not a pleasant morning. By the time I left for the party, I thought it had cleared itself up and snacking on chips and vegetables saw no problems. Having a hotdog and a sausage though brought on a lingering series of mild abdominal pain and a vague sense of nausea. It may have had something to do with taking my meds on an empty stomach as well. I do that all the time but in this case, I was already feeling a bit bleh to begin with. Really, the only real net effect is I didn't want to eat anything else for several hours after that and just wanted to have a nice restful sit down.

I ended up playing a lot more games at this party than most of the previous. A lot of that was due to the not feeling well. Usually I tend to move around chatting with people but this time I just planted myself downstairs on the couch and games sprang up more or less organically. I must've played 8 or more games of Cash 'n Guns last night. There were also a couple of rounds of Pow-Wow and then a final game of Ra. Other activites included watching a really whacky Dr Who parody on youtube through the Wii's Opera browser, seeing bits and pieces of Return of the Jedi on tv, and I also got to spent a lot of time chatting with Bob. Him and Randy just got back from a trip to Barcelona and France and they were telling me about the trip. I didn't see much of Randy after that since he got himself entangled in a 5 and a half hour game of Through the Ages.

That was pretty much it. I held up pretty well on the whole pain front, mostly due to the fact I popped some steroids in the morning. Things were really starting to go downhill by the time I left though and the drive home wasn't pleasant. It took hours for the inflammation to die down and the accompanying issues. I don't think I actually got to sleep until around 4 or 5 am and then got up again way too early. What I really need right now is a good nap. I'm going to see if I can find one.
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