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We've got a pulse. Shock him again.

Well, three months and change after the antenna first snapped off, I finally have a whole and working cell phone back. Whoop-de-dooo. Now comes the onerous chore of entering all the damn numbers I can remember back into the thing, though I know I've lost a good chunk permanantly. But then again, what are the chances I really need to call lilmaemae or justonephase out of the blue one day or alias, candierain, or anyone else along those lines. Oh well.

I feel like crap. I've got bags under my eyes the size of go carts. I've been suffering the most obnoxious insomnia lately. It's not even the kind where I stay up all night piddling around with something interesting. It's where I want to sleep but never seem to be able to manage it, or if I do, it's only for a half hour at a time. The only time I can sleep is when it's around dawn and by then I'm just exhausted. It sucks like crazy. I feel dead.

I also still have valentine's day cards from last year I never ended up using. I guess I should have sent them out this time around but I don't think I can be bothered. If you really want one, comment me your mailing address. If I had it before from anything, it surely died with the phone by now.

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