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Tis only a flesh wound

I'm watching Final Fantasy: Last Order right now. It's a OAV that's suppposed to fill in the backstory of FFVII. A lot of the plot was also covered again in FF: Crisis Core which I just finished playing. I just have to say that I'm pretty amazed at the time and effort people have gone through to try to piece together the entire storyline. I think FFVII has now spawned something like 3 sequels and prequels in video games, a full length movie, and this OAV. All of them trying to flesh out the characters and story of a video game that's over a decade old.

The OAV replays the scene where Sephiroth is run through by a buster sword wielding Cloud. The fact he survives that means that the only thing to try next is holy water or a tactical nuke. The buster sword is almost as wide as it is long. Having something that resembles a girder more than a sword run through you and surviving probably entitles you to some claim on divinity.

Sometimes I wish I could run around with a half ton slab of metal, stabbing my enemies and anyone who watches American Idol. But there are dreams that cannot be....
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