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And I was hungry again a hour later

Microscopic ramen bowl believed to be world's smallest

TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- Japanese scientists say they have used cutting-edge technology to create a noodle bowl so small, it can be seen only through a microscope.

Mechanical engineering professor Masayuki Nakao said Thursday that he and his students at the University of Tokyo used a carbon-based material to produce a noodle bowl with a diameter of 1/25,000 of an inch.

The project was aimed at developing nanotube-processing technology.

Nakao said the Japanese-style ramen bowl was carved out of microscopic nanotubes.

Nanotubes are tube-shaped pieces of carbon, measuring about 1/10,000 of the thickness of a human hair.

The ramen bowl experiment included a string of "noodles" that measured 1/12,500 of an inch in length.

Doesn't exactly look appetizing, does it? Besides, to be a real bowl of ramen, shouldn't it have a fishball or something in it?

I just hope all of this has some practical purpose down the line. I'm sure the guiness people are happy to see this sort of thing but it seems a bit ridiculous to me. Besides, the darn thing looks ambiguous enough that I can't help but wonder if they made it first and then tried to figure out what it looked the most like so they could market it to the world. I'm pretty sure CNN wouldn't be carrying the story if the headline was 'Japanese scientists make world's smallest block and squiggly thing'.
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