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Run, Fatboy! Run!

So, I think I must've missed a memo somewhere but is Simon Pegg England's biggest movie star now? It seems you can't turn around twice without seeing another one of his movies pop out. It's like he has his own little movie rat pack since you see the same actors over and over in the films, much as you might imagine coming out of a comedy troupe. All of his major films so far are pretty similar. They're all set in England somewhere and generally involve average people facing the absurd. I really liked Shaun of the Dead when I first saw it, though it took a while for Hot Fuzz to grow on me. That's no doubt due largely to the fact that I had to walk out of the movie halfway or risked vomiting all over the place. I was having an issue with my pain meds that day. At the point where I had left, absolutely nothing interesting had happened and I was bored out of my mind. When I finally got to see the climactic ending, it was spiffy but I'm not sure it counteracted all that early tedium.

Anyway, I really liked Run, Fatboy! Run!. I found it to be a lot funnier than Hot Fuzz and my only complaint was the god damn ending. If you haven't seen the film yet and don't want it spoiled, I suggest you read no further.

Anyway, the happily-ever-after, fairy tale ending really pissed me off. It had been a great story up to that point. I especially liked when he was explaining to his son that treefrog girl likes ponytail guy and that it sucks but life sometimes screws with you and you just have to go on. I thought that was great foreshadowing for when he then decides to run the race for himself despite the fact that he wouldn't get the girl. Instead, they Borked the fucking ending. Out of the blue, Hank Azaria's character turned into a dick for no good reason. Up to that point, he had been a really nice guy, actually being a lot more genial and understanding than most new boyfriends and then fiance's in the same situation. There was no reason for him to have a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moment. It would have been a better story if Pegg's character just ended up running the race for himself and accepted that Azaria was going to marry his babymama. The entire thing was a copt out.
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