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It is a nightmare. Every girl in the school wants to have sex with me.

Multiculturalism is important. It helps to expand your horizons when you experience the entertainment options of other cultures. With that in mind, I present to you the Spanish Soap Opera, Boarding School for Misbehaving Girls.

I'm only going to directly link to the first episode. There's too many of them to embed each one so Here's a link where you can find the rest. I highly recommend it.

Now this kicks ass. If only spanish soap operas were really this cool.

Favorite quote thus far: I don't go to where you work and knock the donkey dick out of your mouth.

The more episodes I see of this, the more I like it. From a quick scan, it looks like at least 20 of them were put out and uploaded to you tube. So far, #5 is my favorite. Donkeys ftw.
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