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I wonder how much that is in kilos of cocaine

Welp, it looks like the family business is finally no more. I hadn't mentioned it on here because there was always a chance it was going to fall through but the restaurant has been successfully sold. There were all sorts of twists and turns involving sketchy lawyers, outrageous demands by the landlord and a lack of liquidity, but it all sorted itself out in the end. A large chunk of the money has changed hands and the rest will come along in due time.

Has anyone else ever seen a bag with $80,000 in it? It's a sort of unnerving feeling. You can't help but get the feeling that you should be going out and involving yourself in a drug deal.

Anyway, my mom and uncle are happy with the conclusion. Neither was completely happy with running the business anymore and it wasn't really making money anyway. At best, it was just scraping along and it doesn't seem like there was going to be a huge economic turnaround anytime soon. It's just lucky that someone was willing to come and take it off our hands. Of course, that does mean that there won't be any more free food around. That's also a scary sort of thought. My family has owned a restaurant since I was 10 years old. Anytime I was home, it could be guaranteed there'd be leftovers from the restaurant sitting in the fridge and more each night. It's gotten so that I can't even look at Chicken and Broccoli without turning a bit green. For decades, having the restaurant has hugely subsidized the family food bill and all of that is going to end. It's not really a horrible thing, just different. End of an era, I guess.
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