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Creature of the Night

It used to be that I stayed up at night as a preference. Nowadays, I'm not given much choice over the matter. For some reason I've yet to figure out, pain issues are significantly worse at night. The past few days have been quite atrocious and it's become a common theme lately. I've had to take increasingly ridiculous amounts of meds and they don't work like they used to. Even at doses 2-3 times normal there's often spillover and more pills need to be popped. I usually don't find any real pain relief until around 5am or so at which point I manage to doze off for a few hours. I'm usually up again by 8-9am and then it's sporadic naps throughout the rest of the day all depending on when my meds are working out. Tired and sleepy are almost a constant state of being nowadays.

I've been meaning to get around to those Christopher Moore books I bought a while back. The set I purchased on ebay arrived around a week ago in beautiful condition. With the exception of one, they look brand new and unread. The problem is I'm one of those people who much prefers to read at night and reading is one of those things that's easily disrupted by pain. I've been spending the time instead listening to audiobooks, for which the pain is less of an issue. I can either tune in or out since I already know how the stories go and it's not like I have to put through any effort. In between gaps where things are not as horrible I twiddle around on the net or post on LJ like right now. I've also been spending some time trying to pick up additional audiobooks. After converting all of Terry Brooks' Word and the Void series, I'm also trying to download all of McCaffrey's pern stuff, Neil Gaimon's work, all of Janet Evanovich, and perhaps even some of Stephen Donaldson's Thomas Covenant if I'm lucky. If this whole nighttime pain issue doesn't work itself out, at least I'll have plenty of books to listen to to pass the time.
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