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What would that be in treasure tokens?

I was always a procrastinator by nature but ever since the medical whozits turned up, it's gotten even more extreme. It's human nature to want to put off unpleasant tasks but you'll find that when everything in your life comes with a pain tax, you seldom get anything done. I was just reminded today that I should really contact the social security people at some point and try to get my status changed. When I applied for the program I listed my circumstances as being "receiving support and maintanance", which is true enough. The problem is that that category nets me $200 less a month from SSI payments. That might not seem like a lot of money for most of you out there, but considering the fact that I currently have less income than your average paperboy, it's something to think about.

As far as I can figure, in order to qualify for the $200 boost, I need to show them that I'm not longer receiving monetary support. That means, in effect, that I can pay an equal share of the household expenses. That in itself is a pretty laughable proposition, but it only really has to work out on paper. It's not like they'll actually check to see where each dollar actually goes. It's almost like a sort of math puzzle. The obnoxious part is I'll probably need documentation to at least prove things like property taxes, utilities, and food bills. I don't think it'll get any more nit picky than that. I really, _really_ don't want to have to go back and deal with the SSA though. The previous trips to their office have been unbearable. I can only imagine it'd be worse now with the more pain issues I've been having recently, not to mention the fact that there's no guarantee this whole thing will pan out anyway.

Still, it is $200.

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