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Damned if you do

It's been hard to get around to LJ entries lately. When things are going good and the pain is under control, there are better things to do. I spend the time listening to audiobooks or playing video games or actually getting sleep. The times when things are bad and there's nothing I can do but hunch over the laptop, the pain is too distracting to think and type for any real stretch. That's one thing I've really noticed. Pain really takes a priority and disorders thought. It's not like your mind shuts off, you can still have a normal stream of thought but it becomes hard to string things together and really concentrate. At the least, there ends up being pauses in the middle of sentences and it's often hard to hitch the thought back up to the mental engine. It ends up taking a lot more effort to rattle off an entry than to read something online, which is what I usually end up doing, browsing through news sites and various wiki pages.

I just guess it's lucky that there isn't really important I have to say.
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