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Game day interruptus

Missed the gameday today, which isn't all that surprising really. Woke up this morning in a state of blinding agony and I pretty much knew I wasn't going to be trekking anywhere. I haven't stepped out of the house since the Bills' Memorial Day party and I don't think I'm going to manage any other pleasure jaunts for a while. I've told myself that I'm going to actually make an appointment with a doctor on Monday in the hopes that at least some short term solution can be found. I'm supposed to go to Origins in a week and right now, I'm just completely fucked up. I can only hope that taking the steroids will provide a limited reversal. I've held off on taking any at all and I'm hoping that means I'll get more bang for the buck when I finally do pop them. If they don't work, then this Origins trip is going to be a freaking nightmare. I'm not exactly a free agent this time around, having promised to run events for playroom. If I'm as gimpy there as I have been at home, then it'll be a rigged roulette table as to how functional I am.

The other thing I'm concerned about is doctors in general. I've always tried to avoid doctors so I'm not sure exactly how it all works. What I'd like to do is find a pain specialist but I have no clue if I need a referral or I can just flip through the yellow pages looking for Dr Prescribes-a-lot. Hell, I'm not even sure how the whole thing works with Medicaid. Does every doctor take it? Can they opt out? Is there a list somewhere? Feh. If only it worked with those sketchy online pharmacies. Then I could just order one of everything and see what works best without needing a doctor in the first place.
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