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T minus 36 hours

It's not all that long before I have to leave and I haven't done anything to prep yet. That's not really unusual for me. I've always been one of those people who tends to start packing for a morning trip around 2am the day of. In addition to the other issues, I'm also starting to be a bit concerned about how my sleep schedule will go while at the con. Nowadays, I don't tend to sleep for very long at one stretch. It's not really something I can help since pain often interferes with a restful night's doze. That means that I usually end up sleeping multiple times a day in 3-4 hour chunks. That won't be possible at Origins with the schedule I have set which means I'll likely be very very sleep deprived by the end of it. I wonder if maybe I should just book a cheap motel room for sunday night instead of trying to drive home. It's probably not going to be a pretty sight.

Once, a few years ago, I went to gencon and was driving back to jersey. I almost wrecked myself a half dozen times dozing off while on the highway. It was the middle of august and a scorcher. I would pull over at a rest stop to try to sleep but within 15 minutes the inside of the car was like an easy bake oven mounted with a 1000 watt bulb. I would immediately wake up sweating like I was in a sauna and would get back on the road with the AC turned up. Once the car cooled and before I had gone so much as 10 miles, I would start to doze off again. I repeated that cycle a bunch of times and it was not a pleasant trip.

Oh well. Worrying about sleep deprivation is probably stupid anyway. It's like worrying about a papercut when an asteroid is about to cave in your skull. If the whole pain situation goes over well, I can deal with the sleep thing. If the pain situation isn't good, sleep is going to be a minor concern anyway.
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